Website Rules

Hackers Malta Community Website Rules


  • The administration of is the sole authority on site; their instructions and directions are to be obeyed, and they reserve the right to ban any user.
  • All members are expected to show courtesy towards their fellows throughout the website.
  • Pornographic and other disagreeable material are not allowed on the website. Penalties may include banning or suspension of membership. What defines pornographic and disagreeable material is at the discretion of the administration. This applies to all areas of the website, including the forum, gallery and the avatar.
  • No illegal activities or materials are allowed on the website. Penalties may be inflicted and the administration may even report a user to the competent authorities if felt necessary.
  • No form of spamming is allowed, both in the forum and on the website; spamming will incur penalties. Posting more than once in succession in the forum is not encouraged.
  • Personal attacks, including flaming, on other members are not allowed and will be punished severely.
  • Threads must be created in their appropriate category, and thread subjects have to be brief and adequately describe the content.
  • Inappropriate language is highly dis-encouraged, and in extreme cases, will be censored and penalties may be issued.
  • When uploading pictures, one must always keep in mind decency and privacy of others, particularly of people who are not members of the website. Offending and inappropriate images will be removed.
  • can't be used for advertising of any sort unless explicitly allowed by the administration. Any advertising is to be allowed by an email from the site managment. A breach of this clause may result in the user being expelled from the site and account being banned.
  • Discussions must be kept civil at all times.
  • Decisions of the administration are to be respected, and the administration enjoys a discretion in applying these rules.
  • DISCLAIMER: the administration of is not responsible for material written, posted and uploaded by the members.

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