About Hackers



Hackers LAN Gaming Centre, based in Msida, is a new venture on the gaming scene. Most people would consider the establishment as a run-of-the-mill web cafe, but in reality Hackers has a lot more to offer. Hackers was planned, designed and built with gaming in mind, and is fully equipped with high end PCs, top of the range gaming mice and excellent headsets geared towards intense gaming sessions.

Besides gaming sessions and web browsing, Hackers is also a hub from which you can buy hardware, software, gaming equipment and consumables. Repairs and computer upgrades are also part and parcel of the services offered by Hackers. Hackers also import top gaming brands the likes of Mionix, eDimensional, Ozone, Ulti-Mat and RudeGameware.

To complete the services offered to gamers, Hackers organizes tournaments monthly and caters for all types of gamers, be it real time strategy, first person shooters, MMORPG or sport sims. If you would like to organize private sessions, Hackers offers a rental service during weekends and public holidays for private LAN parties, so any occasion is a good occasion to come at Hackers! Hackers are also avid organizers of LAN Parties and where they are not organizing they are either sponsoring or helping out.

Yet what stands out most at Hackers is the feeling of being in a close community, friendship and the passion for computer games and IT. With our friendly attitude and highly trained staff we make any visit at Hackers an enjoyable one.

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